Chasséing the Ghillie Shoe Trend

13 May, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

You don't have to be a dancer to appreciate this style. The "Ghillie Shoe" is a trend you'll surely fall in love with.

The style is referred to as "Ghillie", which are soft dance shoes traditionally worn by Scottish and Irish dancers. Almost like a ballet slipper but with an added difference of a lace up. Finally, a fashion statement that allows us to adjust our sandals without the standard velcro straps! 

One of our favorite Ghillies are made by a top brand we carry, Earth. The "Plover", shown above, offers this trend in beautifully textured premium nubuck leather. The lace adds the support of a shoe, with the blissful breathability of a sandal in this style. So, you'll be ready to strut your fabulous self around town without a second thought about your comfort. 



The "Sassy" by Earth Origins, an Earth Footwear brand.
Available in Black & Sedona Brown
A sporty, yet incredibly comfortable ghillie styled sandal.
The "Gabby" by Cobb Hill 
Available in Khaki & Black
The adjustable lace-up center seam with
a peek of open toes lend subtle sass
to everything from a flirty sundress to
your fave denim.
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